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How does it work?

Springfieldsdeals.com utilizes local radio to promote our website to area listeners, increasing traffic, spreading word of mouth, and building audience through continued and persistent branding through recognition of the area's great deals.

Businesses submit gift certificates to springfieldsdeals.com, and in return, receive:

- Radio advertising. Unique for your business on area radio stations, which lowers your cash cost for marketing on the air, as you only pay the cost on the certificates, versus full cash price for radio marketing.

- Increased foot traffic. Certificate redeemers visit your business, and with a great experience, are likely to return, which grows your clientele and cash return on your initial investment in gift certificates.

- Increased awareness. With your partnership with springfieldsdeals.com, you receive a free membership in our business directory, a perfect location for potential customers of local businesses, with a one stop hub from the area's local businesses.

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